Sunday, June 15, 2014

Welcome Message - Statement of Purpose and Posting Guidelines

Hello everyone,

After listening to, watching, and studying the experts on the money, tax and debt systems since 1995, I have finally found a remedy that has been proven to work.  This website is an effort to freely share what has been freely given to me by others in order to assist others who are struggling financially and could use some relief.

I started on this journey of discovering what is really going on about 1995.   It started with the banking system, studying Tom Schauf's books and broadcasts.  Then information about commerce and the law with Jack Smith. Then political history with various experts.  Then, finally, lawful money with David Merrill, and the financial relief it provides via the 1040 form. This 1040 relief has been proven now for 4 years running, and for some others even 8 years.

I am looking forward to corresponding here with others on a similar path as mine, and with sharing insights about David's approach, and also the results of same as it is executed peaceably, lawfully and honorably in the "real" world of fiction.

Please add your posts here, and even add comments to the pages listed along the menu at the top  of this blog.

Your fellow pathfinder,


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  2. What about electronically transferred pay checks how can you implement 12usc411?

    1. Hi Parker. It's simple. Open a checking account with your bank if you've not done so already. Since your wages are electronically transferred to your bank, use your CONTRACTS (checks) to discharge your debts. Place the demand on your checks by either writing it on them OR creating a stamp having this demand phrase and stamp your checks with it. Once the checks are cashed (cleared), it'll be understood that ALL your transactions with that bank is dealing with LAWFUL MONEY and FULL DISCHARGE! I hope this helps.

  3. What about electronically transferred pay checks how can you implement 12usc411?

  4. Could i get someone to call me at 4793133317

  5. If you hit the lottery in your state, how should you endorse the paperwork? Here in Georgia, if you hit making $600 or more, taxes is taken out. How should one handle that in connection with demanding lawful money and full discharge?