NOTICE is for educational purposes only. No legal advice is given or to be construed.

The information is presented in the context of a firm belief in the literal truth of The Bible and the timeline revealed therein, especially the Seven Annual Holydays of Leviticus 23.

The INTENT of the documents located herein is to give proper NOTICE to all who are enslaving and abusing people today, and are to be used accordingly as an act of love to warn said people to allow them an opportunity to repent of such violations of the Creator’s Laws and escape the punishments associated therewith. If this NOTICE is not heeded, then an appeal can be made to the Creator to intervene, and thereby fulfill the type intentionally set forth for us today in Exodus 3.7-8.
It is also to give NOTICE to those in captivity to remember the admonition given to God's people in Jeremiah's time to not rebel against the punishment rightfully imposed due to forsaking the Covenant and the Creator's statutes - the Seven Annual Holydays of Leviticus 23.  We are to live in peace with our captors until Our Father decides to deliver us AFTER we start keeping His Holydays and Petitioning for Deliverance.  
Read Jeremiah 27 and 29 and learn what our attitude should be today in our captivity in modern Babylon.
Anyone who chooses to abuse, misuse or exploit said documents willingly and knowingly agrees to receiving from the Creator the same sort of plagues today that were poured out on those who dishonored the Creator’s requests back then to “Let My People go that they may celebrate a Feast [of Pentecost] to Me in the wilderness” in Exodus 5.1, and to inviting immediate divine intervention for same.
The ultimate issue behind all agendas and controversies today is SLAVERY – certain people wanting to OWN other people and take away their freedom of choice and opportunity to build the kind of character that will enable all to live in an Eternity of happiness and peace, and not of misery and abuse.
This SLAVERY issue was settled back in Exodus, and needs to be respected and followed by all today.
Mt 22:21 provides the Divinely-enforced “line in the sand” regarding the use of FRN-based or USN-based money, and the slavery or redemption associated therewith. The Adversary knows full well that this line cannot be crossed without triggering the fulfillment of Holyday #2, which constitutes the national deliverance of God’s people, and the subsequent immediate rise of the Pentecost Nation as the fulfillment of Holyday #3. This aspect is fully explained at
Your accessing these documents constitutes your agreement to said terms.