WHY Refunds

WHY Lawful Money Refunds MUST be provided!

Did you ever wonder WHY the Federal Reserve Act Remedy was provided?

Could it be related to the LIABILITY for the National Debt?

Consider my below Proposition as a possible answer:

IF the use of private fiat currency (FRNs) was COMPELLED, then those compelling said USE would be the ones who would thereby be LIABLE (responsible) for the National Debt incurred thereby.

Thus, "they" knew better than to COMPEL the use of FRNs, so they could avoid said LIABILTY.

Hence, the provisions in the section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act, as codified in 12 USC 411, to make the use of FRNs a CHOICE, and thereby transferring said LIABILITY for the National Debt to those who CHOOSE to USE the default private currency in USA known as FRNs by not making a record of Lawful Money Demands for ALL transactions, and by NOT filing a IRS Form 1040 to rebut presumptions of said USE in order to provide the IRS with the amounts of same that need to "redeemed" from "private fiat" status to a "lawful money" status, and thereby being "reversed" by accounting journal entries in the General Ledger of the United States Treasury, which in effect reduces the National Debt by said amounts.

The PROOF of this Proposition has been evidenced in-fact by the lawful money refunds being received by this "Taxpayer" for the past 5 consecutive years from both the IRS and from 4 different State Revenue Departments. 

However, the status and the Exact Procedures of my "I AM" and this "Taxpayer" may need to be followed for others to have the same results. 

But the main point of this page is that "THEY" cannot have it both ways - THEY cannot REFUSE "Lawful Money Demand Refunds" AND then also ESCAPE the LIABILITY for the National Debt incurred by compelling the USE of their private fiat currency known as FRNs.

And, conversely, THEY have provided Lawful Money Demand Refunds, and thereby have legitimately escaped the LIABILITY for the National Debt.